Wonder Woman Satin and Mesh Bodysuit for Adults – Size: S – Polyblend


How wonderful of a woman you will be when wearing this sexy and attractive Wonder Woman satin and mesh bodysuit? Satiny and sexy, this bodysuit is prime for a night of super hero festivities or a night of playful fun at home.

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SECRETS FROM THEMYSCIRAWe found out Amazonian women like to lounge in style. Typically, they’re decorated in armor and weaponry because they’re combat training, target practicing and being boss ladies overall but when Amazons finally get some downtime, they relax like the best of us, only better. Of course, they don’t laze around in a stretched out t-shirt and ratty pajama pants— Amazons laze about in luxury. When they’re not busy training, they’re wearing the Wonder Woman satin and mesh bodysuit in the comfort of their own opulent castles. (We’re not sure if Amazons live in castles but they should since they’re all queens.)PRODUCT DETAILSOfficially licensed, the Wonder Woman satin and mesh bodysuit features a built-in bra with padded cups and interior underwire support. The shoulder straps are length-adjustable while the garment fastens around the body with a convenient hook-and-eye fastener in the back. Snap closures, located in the crotch, are there for convenience while decorative “belts” complete the stunning hand-wash-only bodysuit. WONDER WOMAN READYThis garment isn’t just for indoor lounging— hit the streets wearing it. Add a few pieces you already have in your closet to create a stylish outfit. We love how the bodysuit looks under jeans and a moto jacket.