Women’s White Poodle Costume – Size: M – Polyblend


You’ll look like one classy dog when you wear this exclusive Women’s White Poodle Costume.It features a white poodle jumpsuit with a matching poodle headpiece.

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In the French FashionWe all know the French are the most fashionable.  They are timeless and yet so laid back. They’re go-getters without getting in your face. Just wait until the next time you see one walking down the street with a ball in his or her mouth. It doesn’t matter whether the groomer has just shaved her summer coat or if he just rolled in road kill. There are just no dogs that are quite as sophisticated as the French poodle. And here’s the thing, these pups don’t even need to invest in the newest perfume or that classic shade of lipstick. All you need to do is clip their leash to their pretty pink collar and—violà—they’re ready to strut their stuff anywhere from the fields of Iowa to the cobblestone streets of Paris. Just don’t pay much attention when you get to any fire hydrants or squirrels, they’re bound to lose a bit of their dignity. And who can blame them? Even the most Haute Couture of us lose our chill sometimes.Product DetailsThis exclusive costume was devised by our very own designers with a chic bright white jumpsuit that any daring fashion-forward Parisian would be proud to wear! The jumpsuit’s zipper is covered with a fleecy vest the matches the cuffs around the sleeves and pants. And of course, a poodle wouldn’t be a classic poodle without the curly ears we all know and love. Slip the hat on your head and enjoy your fluffy head of plush white fur! Your look is polished off with sweet pink paw gloves and a light pink collar. Never Gloomy, Always GroomyIf long walks in the park, sitting for treats, and days at the spa. . . err groomer sounds like it’s up your alley, then you’re sure to love your new poodle persona. So stand out from the rest of those puppies and go big or go home. That’s the French poodle way!