Women’s Victorian Style Boots – Size: 9 – Faux Leather


Add some elegance and attitude to your historical costume with a pair of women’s Victorian boots. They will complete any Renaissance or pirate costume for women.

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Victorian Elegance…For as long as people have been wearing clothes, fashion has been constantly changing by leaps and bounds. While things like tunics and togas have given way to t-shirts and cocktail dresses, boots pretty much nailed it right away. We don’t mean they’ve never changed because, obviously, today’s boots are much better quality. Come to think of it, perhaps it is time to unite modern manufacturing with the epic styles of an older age. Some of these looks might have you ready to kick up one heck of a heel!Product DetailsIf you’re ready for kicking style, check out these chic Victorian Boots. They can add some fierce flair to almost any costume you might be needing footwear for from Renaissance royalty to Steampunk swagger. These fine faux leather heels would work on your pirate outfit, a costume from the Middle Ages, or with more fantastical looks like a gothic vampire ensemble. The glossy black finish and high laces are sure to tie your whole ensemble together!… With Pirate PanacheIt’s important to make sure that your style is looking amazing from head to toe. We’re sure that you’ve got everything ankle and up covered, but these Victorian Boots are guaranteed to give you a classic look with a buccaneer twist!