Women’s Sweet Sailor Plus Size Costume Set – Size: 2X – Polyester


Set sail on your ocean adventure in this exclusive Women’s Sweet Sailor Plus Size Costume Set. This costume set includes a sailor hat, shirt and neck tie. Available in 1X and 2X.

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The life of a sailor is not for everybody. You have to get up at the crack of dawn, swab the deck, polish the mast, and commit to plenty of chores. The overall appearance of the ship rests on your shoulders and you want it to look tidy so people are prompted to step aboard. Needless to say, a sailor’s job is a taxing one! They can’t wait any time fussing over what to wear… So if you want an authentic costume that will make you look like a hard working sailor, then this costume set is exactly what you need. Packed with all the essentials needed to seem as authentic as possible, the womens sweet sailor set designed exclusively for plus size women comes with a white shirt with attached navy blue neck tie as well as a matching hat. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans for a low maintence work or you can pair it with all white pants if you’re feeling daring!