Womens Sweet Sailor Costume Set – Size: M – Polyester


Give yourself a cute sailor look with this exclusive Womens Sweet Sailor Costume Set. This set includes a sailor hat, shirt and neck tie.

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The ocean life is full of mystery and adventure both above and below the surface. Above the surface, storms can roll around without an escape from the roiling waves. Hurricane-like winds can make sailors scuttle about the deck, working hard to make sure their ship stays afloat. Then there’s the adventure below the surface: giant whales singing to each other from miles away, weird fish with a light hanging in front of its face, not to mention those dolphins hopping between the surface and the deep.  If you want to take part in that nautical sensation it’s actually quite easy. When you’re wearing this wide-collared sailor ensemble with a sassy black ascot you’ll be able to talk your way onto any yacht. Sure, passengers might assume that you’re pretty great at tying knots and know how to dock their yacht because you’re dressed like a sailor. But hey, looks can be deceiving, that guy in the cable knit sweater probably should have asked for your credentials! Who would have thought a simple costume would be your portal to the adventure of a lifetime!