Women’s Speakeasy Flapper Plus Size Costume – Size: 1X – Polyblend


Get ready for a night full of dancing and big band music in this exclusive Women’s Speakeasy Flapper Plus Size Costume. Available in 1X and 2X.

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Those Gams got GameFlappers really knew how to dance! So many people these days simply bob up and down with a little hip wiggling and shoulder shimmying involved. Not that we blame folks for the way they dance right now. We’re not those people who frown on the modern era. That’s not what flapper lovers do. Flappers were all about the new, newest thing. Sometimes that newest thing was shimmying to big band music. And now that newest thing is doing a fast body shake to EDM music. Or whatever kids do these days. Honestly, we don’t know what kids are dancing like these days. That’s because the flappers kicked off a culture that moves faster than those new-fangled locomotives! Ever since the nineteen-twenties, culture has been changing! And yet, almost a hundred years later and here we are. We still dig the Charleston and we still dig that flapper fringe. Maybe that’s because everything cool we have now evolved from a time of jazzy dancing. A time when you could take up five feet of dance floor. A time when those infamous flapper games had serious dancing game! Product Details & DesignThis cream and black dress zippers up the back and has a cream background with a rose lace overlay. The neckline has a velvet-textured v-neck border that looks slick with a long beaded necklace. The top has a drop waist leading to an asymmetric fringe skirt. And of course, you wouldn’t be ready to start flappin’ until you throw on the included headband. All that JazzYou’ll feel right at home in that speakeasy when you’re wearing this lacy flapper costume. While the dress has gorgeous detailing, you can refine your look with accessories like boas, stockings, and prop cigarette extenders. Perfect for all sorts of costume parties, you’ll be ready to shake and shimmy once you throw on this fringed dress.