Women’s Sexy Werewolf Costume – Size: M – Polyester


This Sexy Werewolf Costume for women is part of our collection of sexy scary Halloween costume ideas.

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Creature of the NightIt started happening a few months ago after an aggressive encounter you had with a strange stray dog when you were camping out at a music festival. You kept waking up around the full moon with mud on your hands and feet and twigs in your hair. Your neighborhood is curiously free of squirrels and your neighbors have started keeping their night prowling cats indoors. While you tried to ignore your nighttime wandering, you can only run from your new lifestyle for so long. Sure, you can cover your tracks and try hard to conceal your nature but sooner or later you’re going to have to accept that you’re a werewolf. Actually, this could be a good thing. Maybe it’s actually time to embrace it! And lucky for you, you’ve always liked dogs. Product DetailsYou’ll be top dog in this fashionable werewolf costume. It comes with high waisted shorts that have tears with plaid laid underneath, and a tail with a red bow on the back. You’ll also get a plaid midriff shirt that ties below the bust, a bow tie, and big fuzzy wolf ears that have a red bow as well. Finish your ensemble off with the fingerless faux fur gloves and you’ll really have an outfit to howl about!Bark or Bite?Now that you’re embracing your new werewolf identity, people are going to want to know if your bark is worse than your bite. It all depends on them staying out of your way, right? As long as you’re allowed to romp free, you’re a pretty chill creature feature. So when you’re ready to head to your Halloween parties this year, tell all those little lambs not to get their wool in a bunch, you only go after challenging prey. Pair up with other classic monsters or a lumberjack date and you’re sure to have a night you’ll never forget.