Women’s Sexy Ghostbuster Costume – Size: M – Polyester


Have you ever considered changing careers? The ghost catching field is in high demand and this sexy Ghostbuster costume has everything you need to get your new job started right.

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All Hallows Eve is coming and you all know what that means! Freaky ghosts will be littering the streets, haunting and harrowing all the choicest locations. Theyll attempt to live up the way they couldnt before their undead transformations and virtually no one is prepared to deal with their wailing or the slime. Ugh, who are we gonna call!?Well, we all know the answer to that! The Ghostbusters! The number of ghosts have increased over the years, so the quartet are in desperate need to fill out their ranks with skilled, confident, and capable folks who know exactly how to handle the Neutrona wand and any wanton and roaming spirit. Applicants should have advanced knowledge of ectoplasm and supernatural studies. Must be able to work a proton pack and have a valid driver’s license to drive the Ecto-1. The ability to withhold the consideration of gargantuan marshmallow monsters when asked about destroyers or, even better, respond assertively to questions of god-dom are all highly sought-after traits!And you look to be the best of applicants and will fit in this sexy Ghostbusters costume splendidly. And, even better, it is clear that those slimy ghosts will have no chance when faced with you confident and bold stance. The tan romper with Ghostbuster patch shows the frantic citizens exactly who is responding to their desperate call and the molded Proton Pack backpack gives you plenty of room to store extra busting supplies.