Women’s Seven Seas Sailor Costume – Size: M – Polyester


Prepare to go out to sea with this exclusive Women’s Seven Seas Sailor Costume that includes a nautical hat, top, bandeau, and shorts.

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Always AboardWhen was the last time you went on a cruise? It’s a pretty great sensation, watching the endless horizon as you’re relaxing on the deck with a drink on crushed ice with a fancy slice of fruit on the rim. We like to take a cruise twice a year, one at the beginning of winter one in early spring. Oh wait, you don’t do that? Ok, we get it, other people aren’t willing to live on ramen all year to afford those yearly trips. It’s a hard sacrifice to make, yes. But what can we say, we love those towel animals! Lucky for you, you don’t have to take a cruise to get a seafaring look! You’ll look like you’ve spent a lifetime at sea once you slip into this costume. Details & DesignOkay, okay. Maybe #cruiselife isn’t your thing. We get it! Some people just want to wear a cute sailor costume, we guess that’s cool too. In that case, this Seven Seas ensemble will give you that salty charm. In the high waisted double buttoned shorts, the cropped wide-collared top and the super sweet jaunty sailor cap you’ll feel ready for anything be it a three-hour tour or corner bar fish fry, whatever floats your boat!Seaside ViewsWant a seaside look? Try placing anchors throughout your apartment. Nothing says sailor like anchor décor. If you can, you should invest in one of those posts wrapped in rope with a seagull on top. Make people pause and exclaim, “Woah, bet this girl loves the salty sea!”. One last thing, you should never pass up a fish fry! Or you could simply throw on this classic bright white and striped ensemble, instead. This gorgeous ensemble make it easy to imagine the sounds of the sea around you.