Women’s Plus Size Secret Santa Costume – Size: 2X – Polyester


Spread the holiday cheer in this Women’s Plus Size Secret Santa Costume! Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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THE REAL SANTA SECRETEvery year, we gather up in the office or amongst our friends and put together the exciting game of Secret Santa.  We pick names out of hats and then have to come up with a surprise gift that will go great for that person.  Meanwhile, we have to try to solve the mystery of who got our name and figure out what they’re going to get us!  All while trying to keep our own secret safe.  It’s great fun… so long as people don’t turn it into a White Elephant or Yankee Swap game!But, folks don’t seem to know the true origin of the Secret Santa!  Which… we suppose makes sense.  It is a secret, after all.  But, it is time to let the cat out of the bag.  Or, more accurately, it is time to get the bag from the gal!  We’ve always thought that the “big guy” was a sweet-smiling, old man with a giant red suit.  Sometimes, we think he’s got a doting Mrs. Claus, too.  But, the truth will shock you!  Santa is actually a lovely lady.  Hmm.  You don’t seem shocked…DESIGN & DETAILSOf course, the only reason that you wouldn’t be surprised is if the real secret was you all along!  Show the world that you’ve got a secret to share with this Secret Santa Costume for Women.  This thigh-length dress is a rich, red velvet fabric with long sleeves, and soft fur puffs on the sleeves, collar, and hem.  The matching Santa hat has a puffy pom at the end and the boot cuffs have more white puff and are elastic to fit over your calf and stretch over your shoes.  A DELIGHTFUL SEASONAL SURPRISEGet ready to bring all the smiles this season when you appear as the Santa no one knew they needed!  Shake the image of the old stuffy guy and show off the beauty of the Santa of the new age with this Secret Santa look.