Women’s Plus Size Referee Costume – Size: 1X – Polyester


You’re the boss, so dive into the middle of your favorite sport and call the shots with this Women’s Referee Plus Size Costume. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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Do you find that you are often faced with this question: “Jeez, (insert your name here), why do you always have to call the shots?” Usually, they end their question with a noise to indicate they’re annoyed, like “ugh” or “psh.”  And, most importantly, is it difficult for you to that question? If you honestly don’t know why you’re always compelled to blurt out your two cents, then we feel your pain. We know what it’s like to constantly feel the urge to voice your opinion. Us, like you, have been appointed the title of “the bossy one” by our friends, family, and co-workers, but instead of stifling our need to be in charge, we take advantage of the one day where no one can bust our chops: Halloween. We think you should do the same! Wear this women’s plus size referee costume and no one can give you a hard time for your domineering ways. When you’re outfitted in a black and white striped button-up and a belted pair of pants, you’ll look like someone who calls the shots, on a professional level. With this costume, you’ll also receive the baseball style hat, matching socks, and yellow flag. Pick up a whistle so no one will be able to ignore your judgments!  The next time you’re at a party, if you decide to suddenly exclaim that cheese puffs are far superior to cheese doodles, no one will think anything of it. You’re dressed as a referee which means you’re (basically) a professional when it comes to stating your opinions.