Women’s Plus Size Ninja Assassin Costume – Size: 1X – Polyblend


This Plus Size Ninja Assassin Costume for women will bring our your strong and fierce side for a night to defend what’s important to you. Available in 1X and 2X.

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Secret SkillsNo one knows. You’ve kept it secret for years. After all, you wouldn’t be a very good ninja if you had already told everyone you know about your expert level ninja star skills. And you definitely wouldn’t want your enemies knowing about your super-secret special move, the deadly karate chop of doom! You also wouldn’t want your foes to know that about your uncanny abilities in the art of espionage. You’ve got some serious ninja skills and you’ve done a great job keeping them all hush-hush, but now it’s time to unleash you shinobi skills. It’s time to unveil your true power!Of course, the first thing you’ll need is a killer outfit. The best way to get the world to take your ninja skills seriously is to have some serious ninja style. Now, with this women’s ninja assassin costume, you don’t even need to sacrifice your cute style to get serious ninja style.Product DetailsThis plus size ninja assassin costume for women comes with everything you need to showcase your secret shinobi skills. The black outfit comes with plenty of flashy gold accents around to help give you a look that’s one part covert and one part bold (a ninja must be both covert and bold to be successful). It also comes with black arm covers with gold cord ties. The bright gold sash ties around the waist to add a pop of shimmering color and the small attached apron in the front has golden dragon designs. And since no ninja would be a true shinobi without a hood, this costume conveniently comes with one.Prepared for AnythingWhen you suit up in this women’s ninja costume, you’ll be able to take out your foes with just a mere glance. Of course, if you do want a little extra backup, be sure to add a few of our ninja weapons to this outfit to make sure you’re prepared for anything your next costume party might throw at you.