Women’s Plus Size Mistress Maid Costume – Size: 2X – Polyblend


This Plus Size Mistress Maid Costume for women is a fun and flirty take on the classic French Maid uniform. Available in 1X through 4X.

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Housekeeping SecretsPeople tend to think that the profession of housekeeping is perfectly straightforward. The fact those people don’t realize? Maids get to know all the secrets of the upper class. When we see the mansions of the rich and famous we assume that their lives are as perfectly polished as the glassy marble that makes up their staircase. Here’s the thing, the people that make that marble shiny, literally air the dirty laundry of these fancy folk. Mansion owners better treat the help well because French maids know everything about their employers. They know what that silk jacket wearing, cigar smoking gentleman does in his luxurious leather bound library. They know how long it takes to truss the society lady into her corset and mile-high hairdo. If there are any skeletons in any of the closets, the household maid is sure to find them!Product DetailsThis is no run of the mill maid uniform. The main body of this ensemble has a wet-leather look and is cut in a stunning high-waisted fitted style. The middle has a lace trimmed peplum with tulle underneath. The dress is zipped up the back making your ensemble formfitting. You’ll love the capped black lace sleeves with a black satin ribbon. The neckline is a dramatic sweetheart cut and trimmed with a white and black lace ruffle and a large white bow. Top it off with the white choker necklace and the silky headband and you’ll look ready to work at the finest estate in town. A Polished Look Whatever people might have thought about maids in the past, this look is sure to shake up their expectations. When you’re rocking this powerful ensemble, people are sure to assume that you know a few secrets about the master of the manse. It’s about time they served up some respect to the maid who keeps the house!