Women’s Plus Size Cantina Gal Costume – Size: 3X – Polyester


She’s serving up beer and rum! This Plus Size Cantina Gal Costume is a sexy and unique pirate inspired costume for women to wear. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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Now that youve nailed down a steady 9-5 and youve moved into your dream home, you find yourselffrom time to timestealing away to the porch to sit and soak in the nostalgia of your free-spirited days. The open ocean, the adventure, the carefree existence, ahhhalmost makes you want to relive them. While waiting tables definitely had its downsides, like rude customers and cheap tips, you sometimes miss having a job you didnt take home with you. And while traveling on a budget wasnt for the faint of heart (hostel bathrooms, nuff said), there are days youd trade in your heated floors and spa tub for just one more romp around the globe. But look how far youve come! You dont need to run off with the pirates to recreate your exciting and fun youth, you can feel like a sassy bar maid again (without having to actually serve another drink) in this Plus Size Cantina Gal Costume. It definitely sounds like the best of both worlds to us. The black corset and white chemise harken back to your service industry days, though this wasnt exactly your uniform. You adore the way the red overskirt plays up your feisty side, while the garter adds just a bit more oomph then your old apron used to (what good is a costume if it doesnt embellish a little?). Like a daring trip to an unexpected locale, the excitement of this outfit is in the detailslike the rose accents and red bowsso bask in your look as long as you like. We wont tell anyone at the office.