Women’s Plus Size Bastet Goddess Costume – Size: 1X – Polyblend


Feel like Egyptian royalty when you wear this Plus Size Women’s Bastet Goddess Costume! This exclusive costume includes the foam headpiece! Available in 1X and 2X.

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A GODDESS OF MYSTERYAncient Egypt offers us a ton of strange history that might never be fully unpacked.  With so many people, so wide-spread throughout the territory, it is understandable that they couldn’t always quite agree on everything.  So, when you’ve got a feline deity that seems capable of so much at once, it makes sense that they couldn’t quite decide what she was the goddess of or even what to call her!  Bast, Bastet, Ubaste… or even adored by the Greek as Ailuros!? From there, folks have to wonder if she’s the lioness goddess of the hunt, a protector deity watching over the household, a goddess of the sun or moon, or the lady who keeps away disease with her mighty perfumes while helping Anubis watch over the land of the dead.  That’s a pretty big portfolio for deific deeds!  It’s no wonder that cats were such holy creatures when you’ve got a mighty feline goddess who has so many responsibilities.DESIGN & DETAILSAfter learning everything there is to know about the ever-beloved and changing Egyptian deity, our in-house designers were finally freed to show off the glory with this exclusive Bastet Goddess Costume.  This luxurious look includes a black, open-shouldered bodysuit with gleaming golden sleeve cuffs and a sleeveless top with a matching gold foam collar and bustled fabric down the bust.  Printed hieroglyphic symbols decorate the golden front of the skirt and the black and gold cat-ear headpiece stays set in place with elastic.  No godly look is complete without a sheer mesh cape that falls to your knees from the golden collar.  Stand in rulership of your domain as the most beloved feline deity of all times. THE BLESSING OF THE KITTIESIt should be no wonder why Bastet remains an adored goddess in an age where cats have taken over the Internet.  Keep the divine light shining down while all bend knee to your glorious rule when you slip into this Bastet Costume and rise as a fierce lioness warrior!