Women’s Pink Baby Doll Costume – Size: ST – Polyester


Become a giant baby when you put on this Women’s Pink Baby Doll Costume. It features a diaper, crop top and an over-sized bonnet.

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Good Ol’ DaysAhh, the easy, breezy baby lifestyle. That’s what it’s all about! Shaking those rattles, knocking spoons off tables, and let’s not forget about that “oh so suspenseful” game, Peek-a-boo. It’s a such a great time that we understand when adults want to go back every once in a while. There is so much to avoid when it comes to our adult lives even with the freedoms that we enjoy. Like, sure, we can buy our own treats and watch cartoons late into the night without our parents sending us to bed. But there are so many other responsibilities that are so overwhelming. Take, for instance, filing complicated taxes, morning traffic, and getting your very own babies to bed. Who saw all that coming? Honestly, we all need a break from this “being grown” business!Product DetailsLooking for an outfit that’ll make everyone (including yourself) go ga-ga? This is the ensemble you’re looking for! It includes fluffy white diaper bottoms with an oversized safety pin for comic relief, a sweet pink crop top in a loose shift style with a giant bib so you can eat in infant fashion. You’ll top off the whole look with a cute bonnet that has lace trim so you can keep your tender baby skin away from the sun! You’ll look like the stork just dropped you off at the doorstep of your next costume party!Juvenile BehaviorSo, are you ready to relive your youth? It’s going to be fun now that you get to make your own decisions! Yes, you’re going to eat Teddy Bear Grahams in milk instead of cereal, no one can stop you now! Yes, you can turn your tot tunes all the way up as you rock out in your room, you’re an adult baby and that’s a force no one can mess with!