Women’s Mime Costume – Size: L – Polyester


This Women’s Mime Costume is a cute and creative costume idea for your next costume party or carnival.

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Actions Speak Louder Than WordsDo you get frustrated when people don’t seem to hear what you’re saying? These days, it feels like everyone is always trying to talk over each other. The louder people get, the fewer people listen. It’s time to step back and make a different kind of statement. Make a statement with your silence! While everyone loudly argues over which reality star should have gone on to the next episode you can stand up and pretend to be trapped in a glass box. That’s an action that’s sure to stop every conversation, no matter how loud. The more mime tricks you practice, the larger your vocabulary. For instance, when you want someone to pass you those delish loaded nachos all you need to do is pretend to lasso it and pull it towards yourself. What cold soul wouldn’t pass you that plate? In a loud world like this one, you can say a whole lot by staying completely silent!Product DetailsThis exclusive female mime costume is sure to make you feel both playful and classic. Designed by our in-house creative team, we paired a timeless black and white striped shirt with double-buttoned high-waisted leggings. The suspenders let you pull off quintessential mime poses for the camera. The ensemble is topped off with a red scarf and bowler hat that would look right at home on the cobblestone streets of Paris.Mime’s the WordIf you’re ready to zip your lips and entertain your friends in style, this look is sure to make you feel capable at this silent skill. All you need to do is throw on this look and paint your face white and you’ll be ready to lean against invisible walls and climb invisible ropes. Now, if only you could get out of that invisible box you’re trapped in!