Womens Harlequin Costume – Size: L – Polyester


This Womens Harlequin Costume comes in a sexy style that’s nothing to laugh at. Okay, so it’s got a cute clown theme going on for it, so maybe it’s a little bit funny.

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The major players in Gotham like their looks, no doubt. Styles always at least have some signature trace over the decades, though, theyre as real as anyone when it comes to the need for a periodic fashion makeover. Gets to the point that you can pretty easily spot when an event is occurring just based on some of that nuanced clothing. Of course, with the mental condition of many of the Arkham residents, can anyone really ever claim to know anything about them?The lass who might have the greatest chance of pinning down what makes an Arkham Archvillain tick would be the lady who was putting the Jokers brain in the shrinker to start. Dr. Harley Quinn, of course, the brilliant psycho-therapist who worked to understand the underpinnings of how the notorious Joker worked came close. But, as they say, when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares right back. And thats precisely how Dr. Quinn became the harlequin-themed sidekick and lover of the ruthless practical Joker.The most important question, next, is which Harley are you ready to become? We might suggest this Womens Harlequin costume including a black and red diamond accented pullover dress with ruffled white trim at your wrists. Don the foam jester style hat and flick back your head to jingle those bells. Dont forget the black eye mask and youll transform into the perfect matching pair for the iconic Mr. J, himself. Just remember, even if he thinks youre the sidekick, youre the one everyone turns up to listen to! Further accessorize with a bouncing Harley Wig or a pair of any of her signature shoes and youll be dancing with glee.