Womens Harbor Hottie Sailor Costume – Size: M – Polyester


Step foot on the ship in something as racy as this womens harbor hottie sailor costume and hanging out on the land just seems lackluster. It also tends to make boys gain a craving for the seas.

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You love the ocean more than your cat, Captain (and you love Captain a lot, just check out his FB page). You cant imagine anything better than the scent of sea mist paired with the view of the open blue horizon. Sometimes you like to just sit on your inflatable raft in the pool, imagining yourself instead in a little skiff, exploring a distant shoreline. How cruel is it, then, than life has instilled in you a mean case of motion sickness! You cant even set foot on a boatDramamine or notlet alone drift in the rollicking waves for hours on end. Luckily, this Womens Harbor Hottie Sailor Costume allows you to embody the sassy seafarer you are at heart, all from the stability of dry land. Phew! Grab your best first mate and head out feeling ready to navigate a tidal wave of compliments at tonights big bash. Or, don this in-command getup, make yourself a lunch of salty sardines and a cool beverage, and lounge by the pool while your crew makes waves in the sun. Though you probably wont sleep in these adorable high-waisted shorts and their attached suspenders, youll definitely feel like youre living the dream each and every time your tip your sailor cap to a party passerby. Adding thigh high stockings and blue heels completes this look, which may be but a whimsical costume to wear for some, but for you, feels as essential as locating the north star.