Women’s Green Witch Shoes – Size: 7 – Vinyl


Complete your witch costume with this pair of women’s green and black witch shoes that features lime green stripes and piping with a black bow.

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EMERALD IS THE NEW RUBYFolks are always going nuts over a couple types of wondrous looking footwear that always seem to take the faerie tale world by storm.  Glass slippers this and ruby slippers that!  After something is talked about too much, it isn’t even new and exciting anymore! We think that the real winner are the shoes that show off that glorious flair for the exotic and were just a tad under-appreciated when they went up against the skipping steps of a certain lost lass.  Now, these are the heels to be clicking! PRODUCT DETAILSStep into the magic of true witchcraft when you slip yourself into these soles.  These Green Witch Shoes feature the perfectly gleaming lime green stripes that will have you noticed no matter how high you fly.  The matching piping gives you that neon glow that is pure magic and the shiny black exterior and bow finish off this witchy look!THE POWER TO GO ANYWHERETurns out that a pair of glass slippers lets you go to a castle and a pair of ruby ones lets you head back to the farm.  Can you even imagine what happens when you’re clicking the heels of these mighty Green Witch Shoes!?  We’re betting something way more entertaining!