Women’s Evil Clown Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Choose this exclusive evil clown costume this Halloween that features a checkered dress with ruff collar and matching jester hat.

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LURKING AND LAUGHINGEvil is a harsh word. On the surface, yes, this clown appears to be evil. She’s cheerfully kicking her foot in the air while brandishing a blood-stained meat cleaver. Sure, that’s pretty sinister but take a closer look. Carefully examining this image for the second time, we get a very different idea of what’s going on…This clown is just aggressively making lunch with a very, very large knife and she’s happy about it. Nothing wrong with that! Also, that’s not blood on her machete— it’s ketchup because she’s whipping up a meatloaf/ketchup sandwich for supper. She’s just hungry, not evil. Sure, this clown pops balloon animals for fun and giggles whenever a child bursts into tears because her creepy grin’s on full display. We guess you could say this clown is evil-ish, but not a full-blown demon-clown. Is she on the path to redemption? Definitely not, she’s on the path to becoming more evil. She has a name to live up to, ya know.DESIGN & DETAILSWear the evil clown costume for women and decide how evil you want to be. An exclusive Made By Us item, this costume consists of a black and white checkered bubble-hem romper with puffy shoulders, long sleeves and an oversized ruffled collar. The jester-like headpiece is included and comfortably fastens under the chin via a Hook and Loop fastener tab. A pom-pom dangles from either side of the headpiece, perfectly incorporating silly with scary.SMIRKING AND SKIPPINGGet the exact look pictured here by recreating the long, eerie smile with black, white and red makeup. You’ll wear a permanent devious smile without tiring out facial muscles. Next, add black platform boots to your cart, perfect for skipping…sinisterly, of course. Pair the costume with white stockings, now you’re ready to start making Slenderman balloon animals for all the kiddies.