Women’s Emerald Saloon Girl Costume – Size: ST – Polyester


Pair up with a cowboy this Halloween and take on the wild west with this Women’s Emerald Saloon Girl Costume that features an emerald showgirl dress adorned with black lace.

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Frilled but FierceWhile most proper ladies in the Victorian era were sitting and sewing in dark and dusty parlor rooms day in and out, saloon girls broke the mold. They were out in the wild west, making their own living. They shook things up by making their own living and showing their ankles in public. But here’s the thing, you couldn’t just throw on some blush and curl your hair to do the job well. You had to have grit. There was a card dealing saloon girl who ran her own parlors in California named Eleanor Dumont. She didn’t blink twice before she chased down a man who was trying to skip on his debt and made him fork it over, shotgun in hand. A black lace wearing, corset toting saloon girl, “Big Nose Kate” actually broke her love Doc Holiday out of jail. Salloon girls might have been dressed in lace but that doesn’t mean they weren’t ready to take some serious action!Product DetailsThis costume is rich with both colors and layers. The back-laced corset has a panel of black lace down the middle and a sweetheart neckline that would be all the rage in an old-school saloon and a modern party alike. You’ll want to can-can and twirl in the lace layered skirt with its asymmetrical hem. The feather can be applied to any showgirl hairdo with a simple bobby pin, making you feel glamorous on the dance floor. Fire Up the FiddlesAre you ready to feel like the belle of the ball at your next costumed event? Finish off this look with elbow length gloves and the stockings of your choice and you’ll look like you stepped out of a western. Perfect for Western-themed parties, you can even browse for a cowboy costume to make this into a couple’s look. Either way, we’re sure any party will get ramped up once you enter the room!