Women’s Deluxe Mermaid Costume – Size: L – Polyester


This women’s deluxe Mermaid costume features a lavender halter-style top and shiny scaled skirt with tulle fins.

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Do you dream of luring a crew of sailors to their doom with your seductive siren song? Do you yearn to be the crowned sole princess of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis? Do you just look really, really good in fish scale print skirts? Maybe it’s about time you considered becoming a mermaid. Not only do you get to become the charming creature of legend that no sailor can resist, but you also get to dress in fish scale print AND you get your shot at becoming the princess of an underwater kingdom. You also get to look super cute while doing it when you choose this Deluxe Mermaid Costume for women.This women’s mermaid costume brings you a stylish and sexy look that’s perfect for your night on dry land. The purple seashell style top makes you look like a ravishing sea goddess. The skirt is covered in a shimmering blue fish scale makes it look like you could plunge to the depths of the ocean at any minute! Sailors may just start to tell tales of how they saw you come ashore to mingle with them for years to come. (Note: costume does not come with singing crab and fish friend.)