Womens Cuddly Bear Costume – Size: S – Polyester


Be a cute and stylish bear in this adorable Womens Cuddly Bear Costume. Expect a roarin good time this Halloween!

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Bearing It AllWho knew bears would be such a hot topic! YouTubing bear videos have drummed up all sorts of opinions here in the offices at Halloweencostumes.com. Turns out most folks both love and fear bears. How do they balance their cuddly side with their fierce nature? After much discussion around the office, we’ve come up with some ideas. We’re pretty sure a bear’s personality has a lot to do with how much honey is available. As people who experience two-o’clock sugar cravings, we understand how bears get desperate and a little vicious when a sugary snack isn’t an option The idea of hibernating has also seriously sent us into fits into jealousy. We’d be quite cute and cuddly if we had the go-ahead to sleep through the winter. But also, we know how hungry we get after a night of sleep. No matter how many berries a bear ate the summer before, we’re pretty sure even the coziest bear would get pretty hangry when he or she wakes up. We get how bears can have such dual personalities. And boy, do they own their personality! They don’t care what we think about them, they just carry on, confident in their bear-like nature. Product DetailsThis Made-By-Us bear costume makes it very obvious that you’re a cuddly, fun-loving bear. The unique look was designed by our creative team to give your take on bears an exclusive twist. The zip up corduroy overalls has a light brown heart on the middle of the top. The shorts have a big fluffy tail on the back. A light brown shirt is layered under the overalls so that you’ll be comfortable in the cool, autumn weather. Fingerless gloves simply slip on your paws and the fuzzy ears fix to your head with a headband. Show Me the HoneyAre you ready to head into the wilderness? We think you’re going to love this reusable costume. You can easily layer cute tights underneath the shorts when it’s cold outside. And if you trade the brown shirt for a tank top, you can wear it for that sunny earth day parade too. So put on your ears and paint your nose, it’s a great day to be a bear!