Women’s Carrie Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Get the iconic bloody dress look from the new Carrie remake with this exclusive Women’s Carrie Costume.

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A Night To RememberDid you go to prom when you were in high school? How’d it go? There are a lot of ways for that special night to go desperately wrong. Maybe your parents decide to volunteer to chaperone the Winterfest dance. Maybe you had lobster for the first time, trying to be a full-on adult. Maybe it turned out that you were extremely allergic to shellfish and your pallor ended up matching your pink dress with a fancy-schmancy rash. Maybe someone convinced you to go onstage at the after party, only to watch you split your dress down the back as you walk up the stairs. Or maybe you went camping the week before and walked into a large bush of poison ivy. Okay, we’re not speaking from experience here. Only two of these have happened to people we know. But none of these scenarios are quite as bad as what happened to poor Carrie. Want to enact that classic prom horror story? You’ll feel better about your school dance experiences when you’re rocking this costume!Product DetailsThis licensed Carrie costume includes a blood-drenched pattern on Carrie’s silky dress. You’ll look just like the magically inclined underdog from the classic eighties horror movie and book by Stephen King. Pair the look with the included corsage and you’ll be ready for the big night. First and Last DateCarrie didn’t have the upper hand when it came to social interaction. So when she got asked to the dance, she was going to go no matter what her mother said. We all know what happened after that. We want to yell out and warn the poor girl to shake off the pressures of high school society. But it’s not all bad. At least we can all feel better about our awkward high school dance experiences. Now all you need is a date for the night who doesn’t have any access to pig blood.