Women’s Black Wide Width Gogo Boots – Size: 7 – PVC


It isn’t a disco until someone puts on the Gogo boots. So, get the party started and put on these Women’s Black Wide Width Gogo Boots.

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That Disco MystiqueWhat was it about those disco chicks that made them so cool? Their demeanor is hard to copy. Maybe the secret lies with spinning around under the sparkles of the disco ball. We have to imagine that would cause a regular boost in self-esteem. Then there was the decor of the music venues. All bubble couches and smooth space-age details. The ladies who wore go-go boots were on the verge of a brand new future. You’d be inspired to wear the brightest colors you could find if you were in their shoes. Wait, it turns out you can be in their shoes! Look at the world with the rose-colored aviators of the past by throwing on this fabulous pair of go-go boots. Product DetailsGo-go boots came into popularity with the new streamlined looks of the mid to late sixties and didn’t go out of fashion until the late seventies. Since then they’ve faded in and out of the eye of the public. These boots have a modest flared heel that will keep you stable on the dance floor while still giving you a lift. They are made of a wet look fabric and will look fabulous with short disco dresses. We’ve got a FeverWhile we’ve tried all sorts costume styles, nothing satiates a craving for a good time quite like a disco ensemble. There’s something about hip shaking and finger pointing that makes our fever cool down. While enacting the physically intense dance moves might seem a little strenuous to us modern head-bobbers, we’re sure you’ll be inspired to try out some wild dance moves in these lovely shiny boots. So, turn around and shake your booties. That’s what you got ’em for!