Women’s 80s Crimped Wig – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Do you love the crimped, frizzy, big hair look of the 80s, but don’t want to spend hours frying your own hair? Then this exclusive wig is your answer to finish off your 80s costume.

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Do you ever wonder why people disrespect the eighties so hard? It’s the decade that people love to hate. Like the seventies were so great, people! Have those haters ever given the backlog of seventies music a listen to? Probably not, otherwise they would have found out how harsh that jazz flute can be on tender, music loving ears. That’s right, those crooning tunes have nothing on the dawning age of Glam metal, baby!There’s a lot to love about the eighties. It was a time that embraced the wholesome and the experimental. What other decade had both the baggy knit sweater and the cone bra in its fashion iconography? There are plenty of epic hair styles that came out of this neon colored era but none left such a large imprint on our hearts as the lovely crimped hair fad. This wig takes it to the max with plenty of volume and a little multi colored magic to boot! How did this style ever go out of fashion? How should we know? Life is a mystery.