Wizard Kids Hat – Size: ST – Polyester


Add to your child’s wizard costume this Halloween with this exclusive Wizard Kids Hat. This hat features a navy pointed hat with silver star and moon accents.

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Magic is best left in the hands of the responsible. We’ve seen all those shows and movies with wizards who try to cast a spell to make their lives easier, only to have it blow up in their face. That’s why you need to begin with baby steps if you plan on turning your child into your very own magical apprentice. You need to start with teaching your child the basics and, of course, you need to get a wizard’s hat with a truly magical look!This exclusive wizard hat for kids has everything you could want in a beginner wizard’s first hat. It has a blue exterior with plenty of silver stars and moon appliques. Just add it to your child’s wizard costume and they’ll be ready to learn the responsibilities of being a sorcerer’s apprentice. Just make sure they keep their magic spells away from any brooms you have in the house.