White Sequin Cuff Disco Pants – Size: M – Polyester


Hit the dance floor in style with this White Sequin Cuff Disco Pants. These retro 70s-style pants for men make a great disco costume or Elton John costume.

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Can we ask you a question? How good are you at boogying? It’s not a talent that should be taken lightly. There are just so many elements! First and foremost there’s the hip shake. It’s not just any cha-cha hip shake. When you’re truly boogying you’ve gotta shake your hips right. Also, you’ve got to have the correct hand movements, use the whole arm, you can even shake those fingers! See, disco is super freeing! With moves like yours, we’re sure you can imagine yourself walking down a crowded Brooklyn street in these White Sequin Cuff Disco Pants. They are fitted at the waist so your moves are living up to their full potential. The ladies might be stopping in their tracks to watch you strut but that’s just because they don’t see pants like these every day. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself heading to a nightclub where you are the reigning disco champion. After you dance until the early morning with your crew, just go home man. Don’t hang out at the bridge! And don’t make fun of the chubby girl! Just go home.