Watermelon Hooded Dress – Size: M – Polyblend


The Watermelon Hooded Dress will have you looking like the cutest fruit in the bunch!

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Eternal Summer FunPicture this: it is a perfect summer day—80 degrees with no humidity, the sun is shining, and a few white, fluffy clouds drift across the sky with the cool breezes. Sounds perfect, right? Now add a super-fun barbecue with a pool, lawn games, cold drinks, and the grill fired up. We’re making your mouth water, we know. Then someone walks in carrying a nice, cold watermelon, sliced up and ready to be devoured. Summer fun just doesn’t get any better than this!Of course, in reality, watermelon is messy, humidity and mosquitoes can ruin even the best barbecue, and summer is fleeting! So unless you have a nifty trick up your sleeve, like this Watermelon Hoodie Dress, you may not be able to fully capture that perfect summer moment. And you definitely won’t be able to preserve it! This little costume hoodie not only makes the magic of summer come alive, but it keeps it fresh all winter long. Ingenious, right?Design & DetailsThis sweet little number is Made by Us in our design studio to be as refreshing a Halloween costume as you’ve ever seen. It’s a dress-length hoodie that zips up the front, in a bold, watermelon-pink hue. Atop the base is a black seed print, evenly spaced along the body, sleeves, and hood. Green ribbing at the cuffs looks like a rind, as will green leggings if you choose to style your outfit that way. The best part of this costume is that it’s not nearly as messy (or heavy) as a real watermelon; it’s all the joy of your fave fruit on a hot summer day. Plus, this slice never will never go bad!Cool New ComboA watermelon in winter? Fresh fruit in fall? Start a new trend with this cozy, cute look! Who says the cold months have to be dreary? Just wear this fruit-inspired costume and call to mind the joy and ease of that perfect summer day. It will really refresh your perspective!