Top Gun Flight Dress Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Feel the need… the need for speed? Get ready to blast through the (classified located) skies in this Top Gun Flight Dress. I’m sure Goose won’t be able to resist being your partner.

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So gentlemen… you’ve seen our finesse in those heels. Now watch us show off that poise when we get behind a 22,000 horsepower engine equipped with machine guns and rockets!And we might have developed just a little bit of a trigger finger so you better watch yourself when you take off. We’re ready for women to kick the stereotypical 80s action hero aside and to start taking the roles for ourselves. And if you’re ready to stand tall, proud, and look smart and sexy, then all you’re going to need is this Women’s Top Gun Flight Dress. It’s got all the fantastic patches from the movie and everything! Styled as a dress version of an Air Force jumpsuit, you’re going to be ready to jump into the cockpit and take off!This dress has all of the styling of the classic flick, along with interchangeable name badges. Identify as the lone wolf Maverick in your pack? Throw that patch on. More of a tall, sweet, family gal like Goose? We’ve got that patch for you, too! Don’t let the boys have all the fun. Grab your favorite aviators shades, some slick boots, and embrace your love of action when you head down to the Danger Zone. In this detailed costume you’ll be sure to be the top pilot in no time. You can get a group theme together for an entire officers party. But just make sure you always have a good wing woman watching your six!