Toddler Turkey Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


The best part about Thanksgiving is that it gives you a reason to dress your child up in this toddler turkey costume.

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Let’s talk turkey, you little toddlers! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by dressing your little one in an adorable turkey costume? Just look at that butterball! Typically, parents love to make hand turkeys with their kids. You trace the kid’s hand with crayon and color in each finger with a different color. C’mon, parents, you know what we’re talking about here. Except… how boring is that! A hand turkey? Again? Sure, plaster them all over the refrigerator or put them in your car or maybe sneak them in with that big presentation you have at work. That’s cute, if you want to be just as boring as everyone else. Sure, why not. Don’t take risks. Stay safe.Hogwash! You want to make your Thanksgiving really stand out? Then don’t just turn your kid’s hand into a turkey, turn the whole kid into one! Yes, that’s what we’re talking about! The memories you’ll make together, chasing your toddler through leaf piles in the yard or seeing who can “gobble gobble” the loudest. Put those pictures on the fridge. Bring those pictures to your presentation. That’s not only going to wow the boss, it’s going to go all the way to the CEO (might as well ask for a raise while you’re at it, you jive turkey)! And if you’re worried this costume is only seasonal, fear not, because for every holiday, your kid is going to love putting on his turkey costume. The Easter Turkey! Turkey Christmas! The Turkey of July! Our point is, let your turkeys fly, parents! These memories will soar for a lifetime!