Toddler Rag Doll Costume – Size: 2T – Polyblend


This is a Rag Doll costume for toddlers.

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Is your little guy trustworthy, kind, and a little bit spunky? We don’t want to go all PBS on you, but we think all that reading aloud you’ve been doing is really wearing off on him!Obviously, it doesn’t hurt that he has great protagonists as his role models, none other than the classic duo of Rag Dolls! He’s inspired by their whimsical adventures, and now, your son can be inspired by their…uh…fashion sense in this toddler Rag Doll costume. Young fans of the popular book series all love dressing up like Andy because, really, what’s better at that age than looking and feeling like your favorite illustration? Nothing. That’s what!This costume is inspired by the timeless vintage yarn-haired doll that youngsters still love to play with. It remains true to Andy’s iconic look, but it still remains easy for your little doll to wiggle and be himself in. The gingham red shirt has a white wing collar and of course, no Andy costume could be complete without an oversized (elastic) bowtie and red yarn wing. Stick the included sailor cap atop your boy’s (red) hair and watch him parade around in these cute striped socks, making hearts melt as he skips along the sidewalks to trick-or-treat. Even you won’t be able to resist reading him a second bedtime story tonight when he curls up beside you in this getup! Who could blame you?