Toddler Pug Costume – Size: 2T – Polyester


Turn your little one in to their favorite animal when you put them in this exclusive Toddler Pug Costume.

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Pug LifeYour kiddo is pretty into his new pug, Herbert. OK, into doesn’t really cut it. Your child is obsessed. They have already made a Herbert The Pug social media page (#herbertpug) and they’re trying to turn Herbert into a viral video sensation. Every day after school your child takes Herbert for a walk, the two play in the yard for hours, and then sleep snuggled up in bed together. Best friends! Look at your kiddo being responsible. Don’t you think they deserve to be rewarded?This Toddler Pug Costume can help them look and feel just like their BFF, Herbert! Just imagine how much fun they’ll have trick-or-treating side-by-side all night, like two pugs in a pod. Adorable! Not only will this outfit make your child happy, it’ll keep them cozy as can be until they make it home and curl up with Herbert on the couch to look over their candy haul!Design & DetailsThis costume was designed in our costume studio to turn your toddler into their fave dog faster than you can say, “Roll over!” It’s a tan velour jumpsuit that zips up the front, for quick changes when they’re in the mood to play. The hood comes up to turn your tyke’s head into that of an adorable pug puppy; it’s got black ears and a black snout, plus a cute pink tongue and a pug’s signature wrinkles. Mitts and foot covers transform your child’s hands and feet into paws. They look re-bark-ably lifelike—even Herbert thinks so!Best in ShowJust make sure your toddler doesn’t take their role as the new family pet too seriously—Herbert wouldn’t be pleased! Still, we think your kid has earned a little extra bonding with their prized pooch, and this costume may just prove the perfect way to reward them both for good behavior!