Toddler Grease T-Birds Jacket Costume – Size: 2T – PVC


Di you know that there’s nothing faster than Greased Lightning? Good thing this little dude is too young to drive. But he CAN wear this Toddler Grease T-Birds Jacket!

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Is your toddler one tough little cookie? Does he yearn to join the big boys for some hot-rodding?Well, this exclusive Toddler T-Birds Jacket is designed to look just like the ones the T-Birds wear in the movie Grease, so your little guy will look as cool as a real hot-rodder! The jacket features an off-center zipper and wide collar flaps in the front, and the back has the T-Bird’s logo printed in white on it, so everyone knows what gang your little one runs with. The only way they could be cuter if they found a gal-friend wearing one of our Toddler Pink Ladies jackets to recreate scenes of the movie!