Toddler Book Worm Costume – Size: 3T – Polyester


Buy this funny and adorable Toddler Book Worm Costume for your little one who loves books and being read to.

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Junior Scholar Strikes AgainDoes your child come up with a pile of books when it’s time to read your kiddo to sleep? Are your conversations peppered with characters from their favorite picture books? Your toddler probably doesn’t read words yet but if they’re a true blue bookworm than you’re likely to walk in on them curled up with their favorite book as you would curl up with a novel. Kiddos can get a lot of info when they’re simply looking at pictures. And while your night time reading might be longer than the average parents, this love of books is going to be an exciting part of your child’s life. Just imagine how great it will be to share novels when your little one is in high school! Sure, you might be reading The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar right now but in ten years you’ll be revisiting the drama of The Hunger Games together. That’s a lifelong bookworm’s dream. So, nourish your little one’s bookish side with this adorable costume!Product DetailsThis adorable bright green bookworm jumpsuit is easy to throw on your well-read toddler. The glasses-wearing hood secures under your child’s chin, making the ensemble more comfortable for squirmy youngins. The Dictionary hangs over the shoulders so that it looks like your little one is emerging from the book. Raid the LibraryAre you ready to raise a reader? This costume will warn the librarians that they’d better get their barcode guns ready. As soon as your little one can recognize words, your little one will open a whole new world! And just so you know, this costume isn’t limited to Halloween! Have your child represent your local library in the Apple Festival Parade this year. Bring your bookworm to a Read Across America event to show your family’s bookish pride. When this little worm is on the loose, no book’s secrets are safe!