Tipsy Elves Green Sequin Women’s Leggings – Size: L – Polyblend


The Tipsy Elves Green Sequin Women’s Leggings are fun for St. Patrick’s Day or any other reason you can think of! Leggings have wide elastic waistband and are fully lined.

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WALKING IN SUNSHINEIf we’ve heard the rumors right, mermaids have a pretty tough time walking around in our own world and getting to know what sunshine really feels like. We think that’s pretty unfortunate, so we’ve been working on some option for you.While your own undersea realm is a place of mystery and intrigue that we would love to visit, we think that giving you a pair of legs to strut around up here would be excellent fun! We’ve got all sorts of different walks and moves that you can practice and can make sure you’ll feel stylish at the same time! PRODUCT DETAILSSlip your fins into this pair of Green Sequin Leggings. These are a stretchy pant with a wide elastic waistband and are fully lined in cloth to keep your lower half from getting scratched by any of the glittering sequins that cover the exterior. CALL IT A TRADE!We know you’re going to enjoy these bright green leggings that look like a mermaid on land no matter what. But, we’d love to get an invite to your underwater lair, too! Of course, we’ll have to find some mermaid accessories to help us on that kind of adventure, but we’ve got plenty to work with there, too!