Tipsy Elves Gold Sequin Women’s Leggings – Size: XL – Polyblend


The Tipsy Elves Gold Sequin Women’s Leggings have wide elastic waistband and are fully lined. Fun for all occasions!

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SO SHINY!Most folks have had dreams of hitting it big on the stage, whether the silver screen or in a live performance. We have a pretty understandable want for sparkling up there while being lit up with the spotlight. Who can blame you for sharing in that ambition? We know that you’re going to make it there. And, who knows, perhaps you already have! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring that shiny quality along with you even when you’re hanging out off stage! In fact, we think that is when you should be especially shiny and sparkling.PRODUCT DETAILSGet ready to make your own bright lights when you are wearing these Gold Sequin leggings from Tipsy Elves. These leggings fit comfortably thanks to the elastic waistband and are layered in several shining gold sequins that will catch all the light. Don’t worry about comfort as they are lined so you won’t feel a single pinch! A LOOK OF LUXURYReal gold is usually worn only by the most famous and wealthy of folks. But, you know what else gold is? Heavy! That’s why these Gold Sequin Leggings are perfect. All the flashy style with none of the awful burden. Get to shimmering!