Targaryen Hand of the Queen Game of Thrones Belt Bag – Size: ST – Faux Leather


No pockets? No problem with this licensed Targaryen Hand of the Queen Game of Thrones Belt Bag.

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TO RULERuling is no simple task. If Daenerys Targaryen thinks that she can do without the help of others, then she has another thing coming! Rival nations might plot against her. The nobles might try to revolt against her new laws and there’s always the threat of her advisors secretly being spies! The first thing a true queen must do is find herself a trusted Hand of the Queen. She must find an advisor with the knowledge and skills to assist her in the important matters of managing the realm. That could be you… if you have the right Game of Thrones accessory, that is!PRODUCT DETAILSIt’s easy to show your qualification to be the advisory to the Queen when you have this Targaryen Hand of the Queen Belt Bag. It’s an officially licensed Game of Thrones accessory that’s both functional, stylish, and collectible. The bag is a black, faux leather material and has a metal, Hand of the Queen, decoration on the side. It shuts with a magnetic snap and comes with a 38-inch belt. Just sling it around your shoulder and you’ll be ready to help Queen Daenerys make all of the important decisions.GOOD ADVICEIf you want the Queen to take you seriously, then you’ll definitely want to have this Game of Thrones bag around your shoulder!