Sweeney Todd Razor – Size: ST – Plastic


Sweeney Todd just wouldn’t be the serial killer barber without his trusty straight edge. So, get this officially licensed, exclusive Sweeney Todd Razor for your costume to create an authentic Sweeney Todd look.

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Oh, poor Mister Todd. He’s been gone so long, returning to London only to find that everyone he cared about is locked away, and all because of one greedy judge. While his mind could have gone in a less violent direction, we have to admire his tenacity. Not everyone returns to a former career after a more than ten-year sabbatical.Well, his business model is certainly unique, but as hard it is to make a living in Victorian England we can hardly blame him for his creative measures. After all, once he’s reunited with his lovely friends, his long lost knives he will never take them for granted again. Shiny and warm to the touch, he always knew his future would be carved out by his knives. If you’re becoming Sweeney Todd for a play or Halloween you’ll need this shining knife–then your arm will be whole again.