Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Adult Wig – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Look just like Rey from the newest Star Wars movie when you wear this licensed Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Adult Wig.

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“Started from the bottom now she’s here Started from the bottom now the light sides here” Rey has been through a lot. She was down and she’s worked her way up through a series of seemingly random events. She dreamt her whole life of her parents coming back as she was scavenging for Unkar Plutt but she couldn’t have ever guessed at the power she would eventually possess. No one else would have been surprised, she rocks an intense sense of justice, honor, and a strict moral code.  As much as we loved watching her scavenge scraps from long dead spaceships we’re pumped to be on her side as she gains more power although, we hope her cool outfit never goes away. Rey made gauze into a legit fashion fabric! Now, she’s changed her hair from those tiny little buns to this fresh new style. This do’ is sleek with a face framing style that’s half up and half down. It’s perfect for her new position in the world!