Speakeasy Flapper Women’s Costume – Size: M – Polyester


You will be shimmying and shaking all night in this retro, exclusive Speakeasy Flapper Women’s Costume. It features a black lace dress with a nude underlay and fringe that hangs from waist to knee.

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Ready to RoarWhen prohibition rolled around, speakeasies sprang up everywhere in response to new laws. And fabulous flappers brought these joints to life with their brazen behavior and bold style! Speakeasies were so cool—many had secret passageways, hidden shelves to store liquor, or even collapsable storage for their stash! Now, this may have been a nightmare for the cops of the time, but we sure are glad this cool moment of cultural history existed, because it led to some of the most exciting fashion and fabulous fun we’ve ever seen!Take this Women’s Speakeasy Flapper Costume—this is a look that surely belongs right back in the Roaring 20s! It’s made for dancing and partying the night away, all with a hint of mischievous mystery. So get dolled up in your glad rags, honey, because the juice joint’s jumping and you need to be ready for anything!Design & DetailsFlapper costumes are timeless, but our design studio took extra care with this look to make it something really special for you. Made by Us with attention to quality and details, this darling frock features fringe, of course, and lots of it! A long layer of it forms the asymmetrical hem of this knee-length garment, and also adorns the collar of the lace bodice! A sequin headband holds your perfect bob in place, and you can accessorize to your heart’s content—add a cigarette holder, a boa, a pair of kitten heels, and pearls—to bring your look up to full speed! Now you just need to perfect the Charleston and you’re prepped for a night at the club.On the Down Low Remember, half of the fun of being a flapper is knowing the secret password to get into a speakeasy. along with the know-how to navigate your fun, new world. Don’t let your secrets slip! Your mystery is all part of your allure in this look.