Sparkly Glitter-Covered Santa Tie – Size: ST – Polyester


Ho-Ho-Ho! This Glitter-Covered Sparkly Santa Tie will be the perfect addition to your Christmas suit over the holiday season!

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SPARKLE CLAUSWe got the low down on Santa Claus by bribing one of his most trusted elves. We handed over a dozen donuts in exchange for the juicy info. (It turns out elves are donut fiends—who knew?) The co-conspirator elf, who goes by the sole moniker Jangle, told us Santa is secretly obsessed with glitter. When lounging, Santa wears a sparkly pajama set and equally sparkly slippers. He lies upon a glitter-encrusted chaise with a glittery gel pen in hand, checking his naughty/nice list. During the numerous holiday festivities, Santa dons sparkles (of course) and often wears the glitter-covered Santa tie.If dressing to impress is your goal this holiday season, take a cue from the Christmas icon himself and wear this eye-catching tie. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself underneath the mistletoe often. Ladies can’t resist glitter!PRODUCT DETAILS   The pre-tied necktie measures approximately 16 x 4.25-inches long. It’s created from felt and covered in bright red glitter with an appliqued felt Santa and gold-buckle belt attached to the front. An elastic band is connected to the top so you can conveniently fasten it to your clothing and go.STOCKING STUFFERSDo you know what pairs well with this tie? Any of our ugly Christmas sweaters!