Snake Bracelet – Size: ST – Metal


This Snake Bracelet accessory is the perfect piece of costume jewelry to complete your Medusa or Cleopatra Costume.

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Live Snakes Are Not JewelryHave you ever tried using a live snake as jewelry? Let us tell you, it’s not very easy. A living snake has a mind of its own and it might not agree with your idea of it sitting nicely around your wrist. It might decide it wants to cruise around on the ground instead of hanging out as your own personal accessory. It might get hungry and decide search for a nice mouse to eat. It might mistake your friends for a threat and try to take a nip at them!Yes, you should skip trying to use a real, live snake as jewelry, especially when you have a much better option! This snake bracelet is an inanimate object, so you can just throw it on your wrist to add the perfect accent to your outfit with no hassles!Product DetailsThis piece of gold costume jewelry fits quite easily around your wrist. It has sparkling green eyes set on the top along with a bright red tongue. You can pair it with your Queen Cleopatra costume to make you look like the ruler of the Nile, or you can just add it to your Medusa costume for a bit of added bling.Better Than the Real Thing!So, don’t be a silly goose trying to use a real snake as jewelry! Just use this easy bracelet to finish your glamorous look!