Sexy Zombie Nurse Costume – Size: M/L – Polyester


She’s back from the dead. Look evil in this Sexy Zombie Nurse Costume.

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If a zombie outbreak ever starts, the folks in hospitals are gonna be some of the first on the menu for the hungry undead. Party in this Sexy Zombie Nurse Costume, and you can get in on the sexy and scary zombie action!Now, we know what you’re thinking. Have the words sexy, scary, and zombie ever been used in the same sentence before? We can’t say for sure, but it’s definitely a first for us! And when you shamble in, dressed up as a hot healthcare worker who got a little too close to a hungry ghoul, it’ll probably be the first time everyone else at the costume party has seen anything like it. Since everyone likes a good zombie costume (and the sexy nurse uniform look is pretty much always a winner, too), we think you’ll fit right in… as long as you don’t start tearing apart and eating the other party guests.But if you do, then at least this slinky, vintage style costume dress will make you look like a nurse who could give medical care after you’re done chewing on them! The polyester button up uniform is designed to look grimy and blood spattered, and includes a matching cap to go with it. Add a pair of sexy or tattered looking stockings and a pair of heels, and some costume makeup to look sassy (with a touch of decomposition) to complete this sexily-scary ensemble! Oh, and maybe stay clear of hospitals during zombie outbreaks…