Sexy Cop Plus Size Men’s Costume – Size: 2X – Polyester


In this Sexy Cop Plus Size Men’s Costume you will be busting all the bad guys and doing it all without any sleeves on! Available for 2X.

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Layin’ Down the LawPeople these days, they’ve got no respect. Take, for instance, the song “Happy Birthday.” That song is copy-written. Which means it can’t be distributed without paying for the rights. And yet, people are constantly posting videos of whole groups of law-breaking mavericks singing the song. And they don’t even blink! They just soak up the likes and comments like they aren’t doing anything wrong. These are the kind of scandalous lunatics that would jaywalk after simply looking both ways or “forget” to change their address with the Federal Postal Service after moving. That’s the mail they’re messing with! How are people supposed to support the economy if they aren’t getting their junk mail sent to the right spot? You get where we’re coming from, right? You know what we, as a country, need? More folks on the streets, going door to door, taking care of the little things. Product Details You’ll be ready to tell people to get their postal affairs in order once you get your hands on this Sexy Cop costume. Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if those jaywalking hooligans actually listened to your admonishments! You’ll feel capable in the sleeveless collared black shirt with a police badge and removable tie. Don’t worry, people will be able to see your status when you’re seen from the side. An armband and badge pin reading, “Officer Ed Banger” is included. Top it off with the official-looking police hat and you’ll be ready to get those naughty party people in line!Technically LegalAlright, so actually several of the things that we listed above aren’t really illegal. In fact, your favorite birthday tune is even in the public domain, now. In fact, it’s more illegal to impersonate a police officer than anything we listed. But, you’ll be totally within legal parameters when you wear this Sexy Cop costume. Let’s just say it’s far enough from the official look that nobody will turn their heads except for good reasons!