Sexy Cleo Costume for Women – Size: L – Polyblend


This Women’s Sexy Cleo Costume is an alluring option for dressing as the Queen of the Nile.

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Be the Ancient QueenWe think the planet could use a ruler like Cleopatra in this day and age. Are you ready to give it a shot? You can look like the ruler of the Nile with this fantastic Sexy Cleo costume. With scintillating costume details, and enough Egyptian flair to make a Pharaoh want to start digging himself out of that tomb, you’re sure to rule the scene with this iconic look.Sure, she may be lost to history, having lived so long ago, but Cleopatra’s legend lives on and will forever. We think this costume could inspire some of the same legendary status for you. Why? Because it features so many details inspired by the Egyptian icon but in a modern fashion that is sure to please even the most discerning of would-be queens.Product DetailsNobody is going to be in de-Nile when you make your grand party entrance in this costume. Because you are going to own the room! A shimmering fish scale patterned golden romper gives you an alluring yet authoritarian look, and the accent pieces make you look like the ruler you were meant to be. A mesh skirt cinches the waist and the cape drapes from the back of the collar to the Hook and Loop fastener wristbands, so that you can be assured to look like a real deal Queen for your event.Sexy Cleopatra CostumeWhether the other party-goers build you a throne or just stay busy worshiping you from afar, you’re going to feel like the ruler you were born to be when you wear this sexy costume. Whether you can convince them to build you a monument for the next hundred years, we can’t say. Your chances couldn’t hurt if you complete your look with a Cleopatra wig, Egyptian themed jewelry and heels, and you’ll be ready to rule your kingdom with confidence!