Scary Chimpanzee Mask – Size: ST – Latex


A chimpanzee mask, such as this one, has so many possibilities. Halloween, parties, sporting events, meeting your future in-laws for the first time or scaring your roommate just to name a few.

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‘Quit monkeying around’ will be the last thing you hear when you throw on this Chimpanzee Mask! As long as you are running around with this apish face on, the monkey business must commence! If you’re looking for more of a realistic look with your chimp costume this year then steer clear of the cartoony monkey masks and get your hands on this mask!The amount of detail put into the face of this chimpanzee will have people wondering if there has been a jail break at the local zoo. Then as soon as you start talking (maybe with a highly intellectual British accent) you can scare all of your friends into thinking that the primate take-over has begun and soon Earth will be known as the planet of the apes. Just promise them you can put in a good word with their soon-to-be monkey-overlords and that instead of being wiped out with the rest of humanity, they can serve as your pets in the new world. Once their nerves are calmed, enjoy being the ultimate party animal this Halloween and go absolutely bananas on the dance floor!