Sassy Mrs. Claus Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


This Sassy Mrs Claus Costume gives you a cute look, that’s straight out of the North Pole. A fun and flirty way to celebrate the Holiday Seasons.

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You might not know this, but Mrs. Claus is kind of a health nut. In fact, aside from all her other holiday duties, she’s the closest thing Santa has to a doctor and nutritionist. And that is not an easy job, because the guy has a really unusual body—especially when he starts feeling the Christmas crunch.Because hoisting all those presents is good exercise, but his blood pressure is all over the place in December. And things get really weird when gorges on cookies and eggnog to make up for lost sleep and pack on natural insulation. After all, on the big day he’s going to be streaking through the stratosphere in a frigid open cockpit!So Mr. and Mrs. Claus have an agreement. On January 1, when the two of them wake from a long winter’s nap, Santa starts counting all his own calories and hits the gym for some much-needed cardio. And as a reward for her boundless patience and support, Mrs. Claus gets to borrow the sleigh for a relaxing solo vacation anywhere in the world!This Sassy Mrs. Claus Costume is the kind of thing she usually prefers to wear during her travels, since almost any climate feels downright tropical after 11 months cooped up in a drafty cottage at the North Pole. The dress has the festive look that her adoring fans have come to expect, but it’s got a freshness that takes her mind off the smell of stale gingerbread and welcomes a little warm-weather adventure!