Santa’s Li’l Helper Costume – Size: 18/24mo – Polyester


Your tiny tot will be all set to give old Saint Nick a helping hand building some toys in this Santa’s Li’l Helper Costume.

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Listen, here in America, it’s typically frowned upon to put your baby to work. Gone are the good old days when parents had kids (and kept having them) simply so they could enjoy some free labor in their shops, factories, or on the farm! Man, when the house is a mess and there’s a ton of yard work to be done, we’re not gonna lie and say we don’t sigh just a little wistfully and wish that we lived in a time when it was still perfectly acceptable to send our kindergartener out to do our grocery shopping. After all, those parents knew how to get a return on their investment! These days, we just spend money and time and more money on our kids, and then how do they pay us back? By moving back in with us in their 30s and expecting us to do it all over again, that’s what!So if you want your baby to learn that there’s a new sheriff in town, and that their only job isn’t just to be totally and completely adorable, then we highly suggest you send them to the North Pole to start learning how to earn their keep. Current labor laws in your state (probably) prevent you from sending your toddler to work in a factory, but when it’s at the North Pole for Santa Claus, no one will even argue!But before you ship that super cute baby off to learn a trade, set them up for success with this Santa’s Li’l Helper Costume. We all know that we work harder and faster when we’re wearing the right clothes for the job, and your baby is no exception! The red jumpsuit and the white and red striped hat will keep your little one nice and warm while they’re living and working in subzero temperatures, and the printed apron with tools on the front will send a strong message to both Santa Claus and the elves that your baby is here to work! The pants also come with anti-skid soles on the enclosed feet, which will be helpful when your baby is running from one work station to another, trying to fill his ambitious toy-building quota! Boy, that baby is going to have such a busy (but satisfying and lucrative!) time in the North Pole…and you might be tempted to go up there with them, but instead, rest easy, parents. Literally – your restless nights of tending to your infant are over…that’s Santa’s job now! (Also, your baby is literally making money for you while you sleep, so take advantage of it before they become driftless, aimless 30 yr olds who move back in with you and eat all your food)